About three dozen people gathered at La Cité Golf Club in Hawkesbury, early Tuesday evening, for what could be the last public debate for candidates seeking the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell seat in the October federal election. Questions from the audience focused on federal support for local economic investment, tourism development, affordable housing, and other concerns.

One last debate for GPR candidates

About three dozen people gathered at La Cité Golf Club in Hawkesbury, early Tuesday evening, for what could be the last public debate for candidates seeking the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell seat in the October federal election.

“To me, politics is about helping people,” said incumbent Liberal MP Francis Drouin.

“In this election, we can debate the change we need, one vote at a time,” said Conservative challenger Pierre Lemieux, a former MP for the riding.

“I am running because there is a need for change, a need for new ideas,” said Daniel John Fey, running as an independent candidate.

Candidates introduced themselves, explained what their party represented, and why they themselves sought to become the GPR’s representative on Parliament Hill.

“I am a working-class person,” said Konstantine Malakos of the NDP. “I was raised in the working class, and I have working-class values.”

“I am happy to offer a better alternative to the major parties,” said Jean-Jacques Desgranges of the Peoples’ Party of Canada.

“I am standing here to protect my kids and their future,” said Darcy Neal Donnelly, Libertarian Party candidate.

“We need collaboration,” said Marc-Antoine Gagnier, Rhinoceros Party candidate.

Marthe Lépine, the former Green Party candidate who is now running as an independent, was not present for the debate because of difficulties in arranging transportation from her home in Russell Township. Candidates took turns answering four questions focusing on the Town of Hawkesbury’s needs for economic development and investment, expansion and promotion of its tourism sector, affordable housing, and identifying “the most pressing need” for the municipality and surrounding area.

Economic development

“I remember the time when Hawkesbury was very productive,” said Desgranges. “One of the (development) opportunities I see is processing of agricultural products.”

Desgranges and several other candidates all noted that Hawkesbury’s location puts it in “a strategic position” to serve the Ottawa-Toronto-Montréal triangle for supplying various processed products from the GPR’s agricultural sector. Drouin noted that Hawkesbury’s future prosperity also depends on having a well-maintained infrastructure, including high-speed digital access, to attract and support new development.

“If we don’t have the basic infrastructure, we will never be able to attract new industry,” Drouin said, adding that the Liberal government has developed long-term policies and programs to aid municipal and regional infrastructure improvements.

“I think we need to build on the strengths of Hawkesbury,” said Lemieux, adding that co-operation between both senior levels of government is essential. “We need governments that work together because it is a team effort.”

“I see Hawkesbury being a leader in green energy,” said Malakos, adding that the town could attract projects like a solar panel manufacturing plant. “We also have to protect what is already here, while we’re working to bring new businesses here.”

“Small and medium businesses are the heart and blood of this riding,” said Fey. “It (development) has to be dictated by the people of Hawkesbury.”

Fey noted that a soybean processing plant in Hawkesbury could take advantage of the growing global demand for soybean paste and soy milk for the health food market. That would also help strengthen the riding’s agricultural sector where soybean is one of the major staple crops.

“Government is the problem,” said Donnelly, noting that the libertarian philosophy favors the least government involvement and interference possible, with businesses and investors allowed to succeed or fail in a free market system. “The people make the decision on the risk and the reward.”

Tourism market

“We have to support our local infrastructure, which supports our local festivals,” said Drouin. “We also need to support more agro-tourism.”

Lemieux noted that during his term as MP he helped bring in federal money for development of cycling paths throughout the riding, to support the growing market for cycle tourism. He also cited more promotion and support for existing features and attractions like the Larose Forest area, the annual Wendover Western Fest that hosts thousands of visitors during its run, and institutions like Hawkesbury’s Le Chenail cultural centre, which hosts art shows, intimate evening concerts, and other events.

“We have to invest in local organizations,” said Malakos, adding that federal partnerships with local groups will help better promote the riding’s tourism potential. “We need to promote this region heavily. We need to invest in public transit also, so people can get to these events and attractions.”

“You need a central thing or attraction in Hawkesbury that would make people want to come here,” said Desgranges, adding that lowering the federal corporate tax by 10 per cent would encourage more touristm investment, like developing a local wine industry or promoting the area’s glider clubs and airfields for adventure tourism.

Affordable housing

“We need a federal partnership at the table,” said Drouin, regarding affordable housing needs in the Hawkesbury area. He noted that the Liberal campaign strategy features a 10-year plan for housing, which includes social housing needs.

“People who need affordable housing tend to have other needs also,” said Lemieux, adding that social housing programs and projects are the responsibility of the provincial government. He also criticized the present federal carbon tax for penalizing low-income people on essentials like winter heating costs.

“We will create 500 new units of affordable housing,” said Malakos, adding that the NDP would work with local governments and non-profit groups on developing social housing projects. The NDP would also, he noted, introduce rent control and also provide rent subsidies for low-income residents in situations where their home rental costs exceeds 30 per cent of their personal income.

Desgranges said the PPC would focus on clearing the federal deficit, which would then free up federal money to aid social housing programs. Fey stated there should be more local control of planning for affordable housing needs. Donnelly said housing is “a private initiative” and people could form housing co-operatives for affordable housing projects.

The greatest need

“We must support small business,” said Lemieux.

“Let’s invest in this region so that people want to come back here,” said Malakos.

“It will take leadership willing to be open to new ideas that support diversification,” said Fey.

“Hawkesbury needs to be a free trade zone to attract capital,” said Donnelly. “Then it can prosper.”

Last question

The moderator noted that all of the GPR candidates present for the debate were men, before she presented the final question of the evening. What can the next government do to protect and support the rights of women and also encourage more women to become active in politics?

Every candidate noted that every municipality in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell has at least one woman sitting on council, and in the case of Hawkesbury there is both one woman sitting as a councillor and another, Paula Assaly, serving as the current mayor. All said that more must be done to encourage women to be active in politics and other fields, including business.

Le Village de Saint-Eugène a besoin d'un nouveau centre communautaire.

Le conseil du canton de Hawkesbury Est a décidé que le temps était venu de construire un nouveau centre communautaire polyvalent pour les résidents de Saint-Eugène, parce que l'ancien n'est plus viable. Le conseil a approuvé une résolution, lors d'une séance spéciale tenue le 28 octobre, pour demander une aide financière dans le cadre d'un programme fédéral d'infrastructure communautaire.

Hawkesbury town council gave priority to a repair job for part of the McGill Street retaining wall along Hawkesbury Creek.

A geotechnical report, last month, from Stantec Consulting Ltd., recommended either fixing or replacing the retaining wall section within the next two years. Cost for the work is estimated at approximately $900,000 but is not part of the original 2020 budget draft report or the municipal 10-year infrastructure replacement schedule.

Lorsque Destination Canada joint ses forces à la Ville de Hawkesbury et au Centre de services à l'emploi de Prescott Russell (CSEPR), les employeurs de la région n'ont qu'à gagner: une main-d'œuvre qualifiée francophone recrutée à l'international qui désire s'y installer.

Comme ailleurs au Canada, Hawkesbury souffre d'un manque chronique de main-d'œuvre (peut-être même, davantage dû à l'exode massif des jeunes vers les grands centres). Comment le CSEPR et la ville de Hawkesbury envisagent-ils de résoudre ces lacunes de personnel ? De plusieurs façons, les unes plus créatives que les autres.


Les témoignages continuent d’affluer après le décès, le 5 novembre dernier, du maire du village de Fassett, Éric Trépanier.

L’homme de 45 ans a perdu la vie alors qu’il travaillait sur sa ferme. Très ému, Stéphane Lauzon, député d’Argenteuil-La Petite Nation, a bien voulu lui rendre hommage.


Deer farms will soon become a limited part of the agricultural scene in the Grenville-sur-la-Rouge area.

A local bylaw amendment, to ban commercial deer farms in all but a single zone of the Québec municipality, is expected to pass without argument or opposition at the November 12 session of village council. The goal is to help protect Québec’s native deer population from chronic wasting disease (CWD), after a case of the disease was reported at a commercial deer farm in another municipality, in Québec’s Ottawa River region.

A Champlain Township man is under arrest and faces several weapons charges after a police raid on a home.

Members of the OPP Hawkesbury detachment, along with the Emergency Response Team and the Canine Unit executed a search warrant, November 4, on a residence in Champlain Township. They seized several weapons and firearms-related items, including one on Canada’s prohibited weapons list (see photo), along with a quantity of psilocybin, also known as “magic mushroom”.


La tempête de vent de vendredi dernier s'est avérée un véritable désastre pour les clubs de hockey junior A de Hawkesbury et Rockland.

Des vents violents ont frappé Hawkesbury et d'autres municipalités de Prescott-Russell le 1er novembre. Le mauvais vent a peut-être été de bon augure pour les Canadians de Carleton Place qui visitaient les Hawks ce soir-là. L'équipe visiteuse est repartie avec une victoire de 6-4 sur les Hawks.

Vendredi dernier, la tempête de vent a déplacé plusieurs poteaux électriques le long de la route de comté 17, près de l'extrémité ouest du viaduc de Hawkesbury.

Aucun des poteaux n'est tombé, mais le service des incendies de Hawkesbury a installé des points de contrôle de la circulation de chaque côté de cette section de route, pour s'assurer que les conducteurs ralentissent et se déplacent à un rythme régulier lors de leur passage, jusqu'à ce que les équipes d'électricité arrivent sur les lieux pour régler la situation.

Des câbles d’ancrage ont été installés sur chacun des poteaux inclinés, à titre de mesure temporaire pour les empêcher de pencher davantage. Les travaux de remplacement des poteaux ont commencé plus tard dans l'après-midi de vendredi.


Next spring the Town of Hawkesbury will be the site for the Fred Page Cup Tournament, one of the biggest hockey events in Eastern Canada.

“This is a fairly large event,” said Nicole Trudeau, parks and recreation director. “We will be seeing lots of people coming here.”


Plus d'une douzaine de « scélérats » ont passé leur mercredi à appeler leur famille, leurs amis et tous ceux qu'ils peuvent toucher pour un dollar, afin de sortir de prison et également aider la Fondation de l'hôpital à l’occasion de l’évènement Caution demandée.

« Nous espérons récolter 15 000 $ », a expliqué Christine Gray St-Denis, coordonnatrice de projets philanthropiques pour la Fondation de l'Hôpital Général de Hawkesbury & District (HGH).


Hawkesbury residents with ideas about the future recreational development of l’ile du Chenail should make a point to attend one of the public consultation meetings scheduled for November.

“We are hoping to have the greatest participation possible,” said Nicole Trudeau, parks and recreation director, during an October 31 interview. “And hear lots of ideas.”

Two public information sessions are scheduled as part of l’ile du Chenail review consultation process. The meetings are November 7 and 21, 6 to 8 p.m., in the community meeting room at the Robert Hartley Sports Complex.

Halloween proved no treat in the end for some areas of Eastern Ontario as a wind storm has caused power failures throughout the region.

Hydro One repair crews are out dealing with lines damaged or downed by fallen tree limbs or branches and public works crews in some communities are also checking for downed trees which may be blocking backcountry roads.

The Friday morning wind storm has pushed several power poles out of place along County Road 17 near the western end of the Hawkesbury Creek Bridge.

None of the poles have fallen over (see photo) but the Hawkesbury Fire Department has set up traffic control points on either side of that section of road and are making sure drivers slow down and keep moving as they pass along the route until hydro crews can get to the site to deal with the situation.


Un incendie, survenu samedi, a causé la fermeture temporaire du restaurant Dunn’s à Hawkesbury.

. À l’heure de mettre sous presse, l’entrée principale du restaurant était toujours recouverte de contreplaqué.

Hawkesbury Est

Des amoncèlements de déchets indésirables occupent toujours un site près du village de Saint-Eugène, alors qu'un futur promoteur tente de convaincre le conseil municipal de Hawkesbury Est de ne pas enterrer ses plans pour une opération de recyclage

François Charlebois a rencontré le conseil municipal, le 15 octobre, pour discuter de la possibilité de mettre sur pied son projet de centre de recyclage. Le terrain, situé au sud du village, appartient maintenant au canton, après avoir été saisi pour non-paiement des taxes par son propriétaire initial, Sayed Abdullah Ahmad, de Toronto.


Des équipes d’improvisation en provenance de diverses écoles de la région et d’ailleurs se sont mesurées les unes aux autres dans le cadre d’un tournoi qui avait lieu aujourd’hui à l’École secondaire catholique Le Sommet.

Des équipes d’improvisation en provenance de diverses écoles de la région et d’ailleurs se sont mesurées les unes aux autres dans le cadre d’un tournoi qui avait lieu aujourd’hui à l’École secondaire catholique Le Sommet.

Outre Le Sommet, les équipes représentaient l’École secondaire catholique Garneau, à Orléans, le Collège catholique Samuel-Genest, à Ottawa, l’École secondaire publique Louis-Riel, à Blackburn Hamlet,  l’École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde, à Orléans, l’École secondaire catholique de Plantagenet, l’École secondaire publique L'Héritage, à Cornwall, et l’École secondaire catholique Paul-Desmarais, à Stittsville.

Parmi les délégations venues d’ailleurs, une équipe en provenance de l’École secondaire Roméo Dallaire, à Barrie, au nord de Toronto, et une autre de la commune française de Pessac.

De plus amples détails à suivre.

Prescott-Russell’s public transit service rolled out this week and everyone can ride for free for the next two weeks.

“We want people to try out PR Transpo and to adopt it,” said Isabelle Peladeau, PR Transpo project manager, during the Wednesday official launch of the new regional public transit service (see photo).

Residents will be able to ride PR Transpo buses at no charge until November 15. After that the regular fare system is in effect.

The United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) set up the regional transit program through its economic development and tourism department after success in getting a $2 million provincial grant to support public transit initiatives.

PR Transpo will operate on 12 fixed routes, with several posted stops in all eight municipalities. The regional transit service will operate Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is no Sunday bus service and also no service on specific statutory holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

As of October 17, manufacturers in Ontario will legally be able to start producing edible cannabis products.

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) is therefore advising local residents take ample precautions when storing these products. Legally purchased edibles, extracts, topicals, and THC-based vapour products could be available to the public at the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) as early as mid-December.

“We’re taking this opportunity to remind the public that if they purchase or make cannabis edibles, they must pay close attention to where and how they store them,” said Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, Medical Officer of Health at the EOHU. “Food or candy that contains cannabis can be very dangerous for children and pets.”

Edible cannabis products can look like food or candy, they may be attractive to children and youth. Residents who purchase or make their own edible cannabis products should, according to the EOHU, store them in child-proof containers, label the products to ensure others know what they contain and store them out of sight and out of reach.

Le détachement de Hawkesbury de la Police provinciale de l’Ontario demande l'aide du public pour un cas de personne disparue de la Municipalité de La Nation.

Danick Bourgeois, 27 ans, a été porté disparu en septembre 2019. Sa famille a eu un dernier contact avec lui en juillet 2019, dans la région du village de Saint-Bernardin, dans la municipalité de La Nation.

Francis Drouin won his first re-election bid as the incumbent Liberal MP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.

Election Night Monday saw Justin Trudeau win his second term as prime minister but this time in charge of minority Liberal government. The Liberals will have more than 150 seats in the new parliament, which makes them a “strong” minority government, but they may still have to depend on either the NDP or the Bloc Québecois for support on budget and other legislative policy proposals.

“I think that collaboration is key,” said Drouin, when asked what he thinks will be the challenges facing the minority Liberal government. “My approach is that I’ve worked with Conservatives on bills that I agree with and I’ve worked with NDP on bills that I have agreed with. I look forward to working with every parliamentarian that will be elected tonight in the House of Commons.”

Le député libéral sortant dans Argenteuil-La Petite-Nation, Stéphane Lauzon, gagne à nouveau la confiance des électeurs, au terme d’une chaude lutte contre le bloquiste Yves Destroismaisons.

À la faveur des élections fédérales du 21 octobre, Il a remporté la victoire face à son principal adversaire du Bloc québécois en obtenant 37,8 % des voix contre 36,4 % pour M. Destroismaisons, 12,1 % pour Marie Louis-Seize du Parti conservateur du Canada, 7,5 % pour Charlotte Boucher Smoley du Nouveau Parti démocratique, 4,8 % pour Marjorie Valiquette du Parti vert du Canada et 1,4 % pour Sherwin Edwards du Parti populaire du Canada.

Le député sortant de Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, le candidat libéral Francis Drouin, a finalement été réélu avec une majorité de 6000 voix.

Les électeurs de la région ont été tenus en haleine pendant quelques heures lors de la soirée électorale d'hier. Le député fédéral sortant, le libéral Francis Drouin, ainsi que son adversaire conservateur, l’ancien député Pierre Lemieux, se sont échangé la première place à quelques reprises. Finalement, vers 23 h, le candidat libéral a définitivement devancé son adversaire. M. Drouin a obtenu plus de 26 000 votes, 6000 de plus que Pierre Lemieux.


Gerald Hoffman ne laissera pas la rivière des Outaouais le forcer à quitter sa maison.

« J'ai été inondé deux fois en trois ans, alors je dois faire quelque chose », a expliqué M. Hoffman, lors d’une pause samedi après-midi, des travaux de rénovation intérieure dans sa maison de la rue Montpetit à L'Orignal.

Ce jour-là, la tâche était facile et agréable : repeindre les étagères de la cuisine. Plus tard, dans son horaire de fin de semaine, il fera du nettoyage autour du dernier ajout à sa cour arrière, une grande barrière d'inondation en béton.

Lisez l'article intégral en page 3 de la Tribune-Express du 16 octobre 2019 

Prescott-Russell’s regional public transit service is almost ready to roll out.

Carole Lavigne, director for economic development and tourism, presented an update on the PR Transpo project to the United Counties of Prescott-Russell council (UCPR) during its October 9 committee of the whole session. The regional public transit service is almost ready to roll out but one mayor on UCPR council expressed some concerns about whether PR Transpo might become a financial burden.

“I don’t want this to become a thing where we spend $2 million just for the sake of spending $2 million,” said Mayor Pierre Leroux of Russell Township, referring to the latest subsidy cost to the City of Ottawa to help maintain its OC Transpo system.

Local amateur radio enthusiasts are ready to jump in and help Champlain Township officials the next time a major disaster situation arises in the area.

"Amateur radio coverage is like having an insurance policy or a spare tire,” said Michael Hickey of the Prescott-Russell Amateur Radio Club (PRARC). “You have it just in case.”

Hickey made a presentation during the October 8 Champlain Township Council session for a partnership between the club and the municipality for setting up a permanent emergency amateur radio system to serve the community in case of a major disaster situation. He noted that home-based amateur radio predates the Internet and the World Wide Web.


About three dozen people gathered at La Cité Golf Club in Hawkesbury early Tuesday evening for what could be the last public debate for candidates seeking the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell seat in the October federal election.

About three dozen people gathered at La Cité Golf Club in Hawkesbury early Tuesday evening for what could be the last public debate for candidates seeking the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell seat in the October federal election.

“To me, politics is about helping people,” said incumbent Liberal MP Francis Drouin.

À lire également / Read also


Pour la plupart des gens, le bleu évoque des chansons tristes, mais pour deux artistes dont les œuvres sont exposées au Chenail, «le bleu» signifie beaucoup plus.

« Je dirais qu'au cours des dix dernières années, j'ai travaillé sur ce thème, a déclaré Lise Goulet, céramiste dont la poterie présente un thème maritime distinct. J'ai toujours l'impression que je n'en ai pas encore fini avec ça. »

Les œuvres de Goulet exposées au Chenail, dans le cadre de l'exposition Les Grands Bleus, sont une simple porcelaine blanche brillante en deux tons avec des franges bleues sur les jantes ou sur les côtés. Dans les images bleues de coquillages nautiles, les étoiles de mer, les squelettes de poissons aux rayons X et d'autres créatures aquatiques abondent.


Trois candidats aux prochaines élections fédérales ont rencontré un groupe de femmes, mercredi dernier à Rockland, afin de présenter leurs programmes, particulièrement les aspects de leurs programme touchant la condition féminine.

Cette soirée, organisée par la Maison Interlude, le Centre Novas-CALACS francophone de Prescott-Russell et le Leadership féminin de Prescott-Russell, a donné l’occasion à Francis Drouin du Parti libéral, Constantin Malakos du NPD et Pierre Lemieux du Parti conservateur, d’avoir un tête-à-tête avec les femmes présentes.

Chaque candidat s’est présenté seul devant le groupe, les deux autres attendant leur tour dans une autre pièce. Le premier à passer, Constantin Malakos, était très à l’aise et a présenté une partie de son programme. Chaque candidat n’avait que 15 minutes d’allouées. Il a expliqué qu’il se sentait touché par la pauvreté chez les femmes.