Good food, good wine, good company, all makes for a good evening in Rockland Saturday at the RiverRock Inn for the Sixth Annual Wine and Food Show Prescott-Russell.

Soirée organizers Martine Dion and Bernadette Sarazin welcomed 400 patrons of gourmet cuisine and connoisseurs of vintage beverages to the grand salon for an evening of tasting and table talk as catering chefs, sommeliers, chocolatiers and others from all over Prescott-Russell and from the Orléans-Ottawa area displayed their best efforts for sampling.

“It’s amazing,” said Sarazin during a very brief lull.

“People love it,” Dion said, regarding some of the feedback from both patrons and purveyors.


See more photos and details in next week’s Vision.

Saturday, 18 October 2014 - 7:00pm
Gregg Chamberlain
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