Dandy is up to the challenge

Allen G. Dandy knows a thing or two about his township, being a 4th generation citizen and farmer. Eyeing the deputy mayor's chair at the council, he cherishes the quality of life of East Hawkesbury but also wants to shake things up and go forward for a balanced future, economically and financially.

“I'm very proud of my township, our taxes are within reason and we do have money in the bank,” said the County Road 12 candidate.  We have an excellent mayor in Mr. Kirby but sometimes, just like a hockey team, you have to change players to improve. (…) The actual deputy mayor, Mr. Sauvé, was never elected, always unopposed. Call it the right place at the right time. I believe that if people work together, they can accomplish a lot, like the 2011 Prescott-Russell plowing match. Just like farming, if you run a business (township) you might as well run it as your own and make it profitable for everybody.”

Keeping it simple, Allen Dandy wants to maintain a low tax rate “by ensuring responsible spending and government transparency in the awarding of contracts.” Prime agricultural land protection is also a high concern for the candidate and that agricultural ruling and practices should be taken seriously and not being pushed aside in the name of advancement and rushed development.

“Never forget that farmers feed the cities,” he said. “I know the solar park left a lot of people very upset and many still resent it being there. You know, you never mind when it's not in your backyard. East Hawkesbury is rural and agricultural oriented and we should think forward with that in mind.”

During the campaign, some citizens and candidates pointed out the fact that Dandy wasn’t fluent in French. “I don't hide behind the fact that my French isn't very good,” he said. “I talked to Mayor Kirby before I ran and he said “it's not an issue.” I was born and raised in Stardale and my father was fluent. I understand French very well, but it's not the same as talking.” The last census data indicates that about 33% of East Hawkesbury's citizens identify English as their mother tongue.

Calling himself a candidate for the people, Allen Dandy wants to fight for the quality of life in East Hawkesbury and is willing to go the extra mile to be the voice of all the villages and rural areas at the council table.


Thursday, 23 October 2014 - 5:00pm
Stéphane Lajoie
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