Jam-packed with flavours

Main Street was jam-packed with flavours and foodies from all across the region for the annual Festival of Flavours September 14, in Vankleek Hill. Meat on a stick, exotic cuisine and comfort food at its best, thousands got a party in their tummy and came back for more.

“I just tasted the best salsa ever,” said Glengarry visitor Andrew Morley. “It’s such a cool atmosphere with everybody on the street tasting food left and right. We should do that more often! It's my first time at the Festival and it's better than some food fests in Montréal and Ottawa where outrageous prices are a real appetite suppressor.”

The Festival has become so popular that the traditional 320-foot table now has a small sister on Main Street. Producers had baskets full of fresh vegetables, and cooks from Ontario and Québec worked the grills like chefs and got an amazing reception from the crowd. 

Read more in the September 19 edition of the Tribune Express.

Thursday, 18 September 2014 - 8:45am
Stephane Lajoie
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